Opening! In person Worship again!

After the past 16 months, everyone is eagerly hoping to get back to what going to church and worship was. Yes, once again we can come together in person and in the church environment instead of on ZOOM.
Coming to Church service will be a little different than in the past.
As we come together in person, the church leaders have decided to open cautiously. Since we are gathering indoors, we will still maintain some COVID procedures.
We will physical distance, we will hand sanitize and wear a mask inside.
Fellowship will take place outside of our café and coffee and food will not be offered.
Each attendee will bring their own bottled water.
We will also have a sign in sheet for attendance. Going forward, there will be changes made depending on the COVID numbers announced by AHS.
For those who still feel unsafe to attend. We will provide a ZOOM link from the church building.

In person worship, at New Hope Community Church begins:

SUNDAY, JULY 11 at 10:30 A.M.

Every one is welcome!